Cayman 5K

Cayman 5K

We were delighted to develop technical t-shirts for a Cayman 5K event this year, taking place last weekend.

Titled the DG’s Cayman 5K Challenge, the race challenged natives to join Deputy Governor Franz Manderson at the 4th annual event, which was introduced as a method to promote a healthy lifestyle, as well as promoting self-esteem, confidence and team-building skills.

Split into two weeks, the Cayman Brac event took place along the costs, starting and finishing at the Brac Reef hotel. The next week, the Grand Cayman saw a scenic view of George Town, starting and finishing at the administrative building in Elgin Avenue.

As part of the Cayman Active scheme, there was a real sense of community with the event. Civil servants, private sector employees and the general public came together to participate in this event. Medals and trophies were also available for those who finished in the top three places of their relative age group and gender.

We look forward to welcoming the event back in 2018!

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